Developing specialist medical technology that improves patient care in hospital – in the community and at home.

CME Medical is an exciting and prolific healthcare innovator, and a leader within the specialist infusion market. The company developed and introduced the T34™ syringe pump, which was subsequently adopted throughout the UK, achieving a market share of 85%. We believe in making clinical practice safer and more efficient. Our heritage is in developing specialist medical infusion devices and support that improve patient care in hospital, in the community and at home.

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CME Medical - Making a Difference


We collaborated with NHS Alliance to put together a short film ‘Breaking Boundaries’ to show how we are working with patients, professionals and industry colleagues to develop innovative solutions that give people more freedom and choice in healthcare.

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Life Changing

June 16 2016 Posted by Jason Murtagh from Patient (BodyGuard 323 Infusion Pump)

This brilliant pump has changed my life

Excellent Service

June 16 2016 Posted by Southampton Hospital

Happy with the excellent service and supported offered by CME Medical, extremely pleased with the professionalism of the training and communication delivered by the company

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