Our People

Stephen Thorpe, Chairman

As founder, chairman and head of innovation my priority is to make sure we are in the right markets, with the right products.

We do this through engagement with key opinion leaders to identify, solve and deliver solutions to safety and efficiency issues that clinicians experience in their day-to-day practice. ‘Listen, Develop, Deliver’ is the underpinning process that has driven our success to date.

So far this has predominantly been in the field of niche infusion therapy but the same skills apply to all areas of medicine. The future for CME Medical is to expand our scope as a driver and enabler for improving safety and efficiency in clinical practice.

John Carrington, Managing Director

As Managing Director, my role is to provide the team with clear direction and purpose. I make sure there is a robust platform to deliver innovation – the key to CME Medical successfully delivering improvements in patient safety and experience whilst addressing both the future needs of our customers and our own strategic goals.

Customer satisfaction has been my number one focus for the last 30 years. I have worked in a relatively compact service business with 14 employees through to a large scale manufacturing group with sites in 3 countries and 500+ employees. I have always held the belief that if you treat your customers well they will stay with you. Now in the medical industry this message has taken on a completely new focus, with patients at the centre of everything we do.

Andrea Lumb, Finance Director

It is my responsibility to ensure that CME Medical’s strategy delivers a sustainable business that has its customers at its heart. My focus is on supporting the business in realising maximum value to our shareholders by safeguarding and effectively utilising our assets.

I am ACCA qualified with 20 years experience in both professional practice and industry. My experience has been gained in a diverse spectrum of industries, including B2B service, FMCG, sport & leisure wear and football, from entrepreneurially led start up businesses to multi-divisional international corporates.

Rachel McClelland, Marketing Director

I have created a future facing marketing strategy that understands and works with healthcare professionals, patients and families involved in infusion therapy. The company’s passion for niche markets means that we play a small but vital role in improving care in a variety of medical areas. This is the primary motivation for our work.

As an experienced marketer with a passion for ethical business and innovation, medical technology provides a perfect environment for combining patient focused solutions with a cutting edge approach. Prior to my work with CME Medical, I spent 15 years running my own business in the entertainment industry working in television, feature films and music.