Keeping Clear of Over-indulgence at Christmas

‘My doctor told me I had to stop throwing intimate dinners for four unless there were three other people’ Orson Welles

Food is just SO GOOD! There is more food available, affordable and plentiful than at any other time in history. It is so easy to eat more than you need.  Some of us eat even when we are not hungry and continue even after we are full! We can eat a whole meal and not taste more than a bite or two!  This occurs because our mind and mouth wasn’t present and we were not enjoying as we ate.

If you do give it any thought maybe you tell yourself you should or must eat it all. Perhaps your mum told you that when you were growing up to help you be big and strong and also not waste …

Following the Mindfulness method can increase your awareness of these patterns without judgement and can increase space between mindless and mindful eating.

THINK before you eat. Take a moment to as yourself how hungry you are on a scale of 1-10 and how that hunger matches up with what is in front of you. You don’t HAVE to clear your plate!

  • Pay attention. Don’t eat whilst you are in front of TV or on the telephone otherwise you may lose track of your intake.
  • Slow down. It can take 20 minutes when eating to register the fact that you’re full. Keep checking if you are full or not.
  • Use smaller plates. Studies have shown a 20-25% drop in food consumption when using a smaller plate.
  • Take notice. If you go out notice how much you are eating. Do you need all the chips? If you had a starter do you really need a pudding?

You are the one that is in control …

Sue Washington has dedicated her life to helping people.  From early days as a school teacher she trained psychotherapists to an exacting National standard.  Her thrust in her later years has been to help people realise their power. You can ask her a question directly at


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