Enhance Recovery with The BodyGuard™ Ambulatory Infusion Pumps

The BodyGuard™ range of ambulatory infusion pumps compliment enhanced recovery programmes.

The lightweight and compact design allow them to be used with either be pole mounted or ambulatory in a specially designed pouch. This ensures that the patient can be mobilised, without compromising the route of pain relief.

According to the NHS Institute for National Innovation and Improvement, early mobilisation is a key factor in improving patient outcomes.1

It is important to have a device that integrates effortlessly into an enhanced recovery programme to ensure that you are delivering the best results for your patient.

Whilst we understand that there is an initial cost to sourcing new devices, in the longer term staff resources can be greatly reduced and the patient can enjoy more independence.1

The BodyGuard™ range includes:

Specifications as detailed within the Operations Manual:

  • 112mm x 89mm x 32mm
  • 280g without battery
  • 390g with standard battery

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