Helping You Prepare for The NPSA Deadline

CME Medical has helped healthcare organisations improve their patient safety by making the transition from using older ambulatory syringe drivers to using its own T34™ Ambulatory Syringe Pump which is the preferred pump of choice for 85% of clinicians.

The T34™ Ambulatory Syringe Pump meets all the key requirements for the new technology set out in the Rapid Response Report:

  • Rate settings in millilitres per hour.
  • Mechanisms to stop the infusion if the syringe is not properly and securely fitted.
  • Alarms that activate if the syringe driver is removed before the infusion is stopped.
  • Lock box covers and/or lock out controlled by password.

To find out more about how we can help you prepare for the NPSA Deadline and ensure the safety of your patients, contact our team or request a call back.

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