Helping Nepal

Since April 2015 CME Medical has been raising money to help with the relief efforts following the earthquake in Nepal and last week our Chief Executive Stephen Thorpe visited Shubhakamana Academy with The Impact Foundation Team.

Shubhakaman Academy

Shubhakamana Academy is a village school set in the Kathmandu Valley, around 40 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu centre. The school facilities are very modest, bare brick classrooms with no electricity or running water.

There are about 200 children, over 10 classes: aged between 3 and 16.  The teachers are incredible; most walk to school with their students, although in recent years, they have attracted children from slightly further distances so bring the students by bus.

Impact Travel

Impact Travel has been involved with the Shubhakamana community for over 10 years now and it started supporting them with annual teaching projects. Each summer, a group of UK students delivered English lessons to the students for a week.

Three Head Teachers have come and gone during this time, but their aspirational outlook and vision for education has remained consistent. Children are at the heart of everything they do.

Making a Difference

After embedding the cultural exchange and developing a great working relationship with the school, it became clear the school would really benefit from a school hall. It became their dream. After three years of fund raising by Impact Travel, their dream became a reality and the school hall was built. Assemblies, competitions, drama productions and gatherings could now continue during the monsoon season! The grand opening was a wonderful occasion with members of the community attending. Soon after a library was funded and Impact Travel formed The Impact Foundation.

The Foundation

The foundation was formed to make a real difference in the community, to help parents, the school and the young people. Through its scholarship programme they sponsor 20 children and their families and for £240 per child per year they are able to pay for school fees, library fees, ID cards, exams fees, uniforms and school books. In addition to the children receiving an education, the school benefits from being able to develop their curriculum, pay their staff well and subsequently attract more children.


Following the devastating earthquake, The Impact Foundation will initially asses the needs of their 20 families, invite more scholarship applications and potentially support building programmes in the community.

We will be posting a regular update on how the visit is going and we look forward to hearing about the opportunities to further support the foundation.


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