Your Best Year Yet!

SO OFTEN we say “I’ll be happy when ….” Happiness is not a result. It is a state of being in mind and body.  Humans are happiest when they are working towards a long term aim.

  1. Have a long term aim in some field or other.
  2. Do you remember as a child when you played ‘hide & seek’ kinds of games and got ‘warmer’ or ‘colder’? Make constant adjustments in your mind & body as you get nearer or further in your aim – a total system of checks and balances.
  3. You have as much time as Einstein. Spend as much time as you can in pursuit of your aim.
  4. Keep expectation that you can complete the task in hand.
  5. Something I have learned as I have got older is to enjoy not just the result but the PROCESS of getting the result. I like a clean kitchen and have taught myself to enjoy the washing up (likewise with ironing!)
  6. Be absorbed in your task.
  7. Take control of the simplest elements in your life. Make your desk as personal and user-friendly as you can, for instance …
  8. Do something that helps you distort time – there are adult colouring in books around at the moment – those would do it, or a sport that can test your ability. has challenges that you can pit yourself against daily & that measure you against a similar age-group to yourself (all that AND it helps with Alzheimer’s degeneration!). You could think through the strands of a problem and arrange it in consciousness.

All these will help you.  See if you can do all eight then write and tell me about it!  Good luck to you.  Compliments of the season to you …

By Sue Washington

Sue Washington has dedicated her life to helping people.  From early days as a school teacher she trained psychotherapists to an exacting National standard.  Her thrust in her later years has been to help people realise their power. You can ask her a question directly at

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