A New Kind of Challenge

Elin Wahlstedt is dependent on TPN. Coping with her condition can be mentally and physically challenging, but Elin is not letting it stop her embrace a new kind of challenge…

So, I was sitting in school thinking about what I should write about this month. My mind wandered around anxiety and how my physical condition has affected my mental health, and then I just thought “no!”

For the last blogs I have been sharing one story about struggle after the other and honestly, that isn’t what my life is. It’s certainly not how I want people to see my life, because it’s much more than that. So, this month I’ve decided to share something completely different with you.

Here’s what happened; I joined a gym.

That’s not the entire story, but it all starts there; at the gym.

I started working out – simple exercises at the gym about one and a half years ago. I realised that a lifetime in bed at home or at the hospital hadn’t given me a lot of muscles and I figured that muscles actually help you in everyday situations. So I decided to go get some. Since then my workouts have come and gone. I’ve been doing good for a month or two and then gotten sick and just completely lost all motivation to get back to the gym again. This has been my reality for one year and six months. Now I’ve decided to get back in the game again.

I decided to join my brothers gym and let him be my personal trainer to get me started and it all worked out well for about two weeks. Then I had a little accident. By little I mean big. I dropped a ten-kilo weight on my foot and literally crushed my toe. Yes, literally. It actually had major fractions and a bunch of little ones (these are the doctors words, not mine).

Yes I am THAT clumsy and let me tell you, it really hurts. You use your toe a lot more than you think, so I’ve been really handicapped.

I’m still not sure where I intend this post to end, it’s only now that I realise that it broadly revolves around struggle. But a different kind of struggle to my condition… The struggle of my clumsy-ness.

Within a week I was able to walk without crutches and today it’s almost like it never happened. Except for one thing; I am extremely more careful at the gym. Because, honestly, despite the fact that there is a major possibility for injury (if you are as clumsy as me) it is so worth it going to the gym.

It doesn’t matter if I’ve had a really bad day, feeling sad or if I’m just really tired, I always get a ton of energy by the time I’m done with my first exercise. It makes me happy, really happy, and it doesn’t even take up that much of my time. Just an hour can be enough and I feel so good about myself seeing the results. In the end it’s absolutely worth it, even though it can feel really tough sometimes. And even though it can result in a broken toe.

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