When Obsession Helps

Elin Wahlstedt is from Sweden. Here she shares another part of her story about her rare medical condition that makes her dependent on TPN.

Wow, did I need a vacation?! Studying has been really fun but getting to wake up in the morning and just embrace the feeling that I don’t have anything to do is wonderful.

I have just got back from a small birthday trip with my parents. We celebrated most part of my birthday in a car but the rest was shopping, eating good food and watching a great play. I love spending time with my parents. Growing up as a chronically ill child you’d think I would have gotten sick of their company but everything that has happened has just brought us closer together and I honestly don’t know what I would do without my loving parents. I would be completely lost.

My dad actually said something during this trip that got me thinking. You see, I have found this amazing musical and gotten completely obsessed with it. I made my parents listen to all the recorded songs in the car and I make references to it all the time. I probably think about it at least ten times a day.

So, he made a comment to my mom; “I wonder who she got this aptitude for obsessions from…” It really got me thinking because this musical isn’t the first thing I’ve been completely obsessed with. I read like I’m running out of time, my room is 100% decorated with superheroes and I know probably every piece of Harry Potter trivia that there is. If I enjoy something I go all in, I cannot get enough! I started thinking whether this is something that I can connect to my condition. Is there a reason why I let these trivial things take over my life? I think there is.

I love drowning myself in things that give me a moment of distance from my actual life. That I can just for a second let go of the planning, of all the phone calls I should be making, of the emails I should send, of what recipes needs to be renewed and what medications I’m running out of. For a single moment I can be shooting arrows with Katniss or fight injustice with the Avengers or join in the American revolution with Alexander Hamilton.

It’s my way of coping. The only way I won’t go completely crazy, and I love it.


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