Raising Money to Make Syringe Drivers Available Where They are Needed

Louise Nicholls lost her Dad to cancer. He suffered unnecessary pain at the end because there wasn’t a syringe driver available in his area to deliver much needed pain relief. Since then Louise and her family have dedicated their lives to raising money to make more syringe drivers available – so that others don’t have to wait like David did.

Here’s Louise’s story and how you can support her campaign to get people the pain relief they need when they need it.

“My Dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer in July 2013. It was aggressive and had spread before he even knew he had it.

My Dad was a fit and healthy man who worked hard all his life and was always on the go. But shortly after his diagnosis he became very ill, very fast and in the last few days of his life he needed pain relief. It was decided by his GP that he needed a syringe driver to deliver constant pain relief. Up until that point, when he was in pain a nurse had to call a Doctor and Dad had to wait for the Doctor to come to administer the drugs with injections. This was becoming more and more frequent and Dad was in pain whilst he was waiting for the drugs to be administered.

We were relieved to hear that he would be out of pain as the drivers administer a steady stream of pain relief. However, unfortunately for Dad all the drivers in our area were in use. The nurses even tried the local hospice but they didn’t have one available either. Dad had to wait nearly 24 hours before a driver was available for him. In truth he had to wait for someone else to die. It was a terrible time for him and us; one minute in pain is 60 seconds too long.

When my Dad finally got a syringe driver it made a huge difference to his care. No more waiting for a nurse, who in turn had to wait for a Doctor to arrive. No more needles upon needles.

These syringe drivers should not be in short supply. They should be available to everyone who needs one. Unfortunately it is not until you are in this situation that you learn there are not enough to go around and then it’s too late. No one should be in pain, these syringe drivers are out there, and they have been manufactured and should be available every time they are needed.

My Dad is not the only one this has happened to since we have started raising awareness of this and fundraising, other people have come forward to say they have had this happen to their loved ones and some never even got a syringe driver at all. Our aim is to raise enough money to supply more of these machines so no one else suffers.”

The Challenge

“With more people being diagnosed with cancer, two syringe drivers are nowhere near enough for our area. They are essential tools that provide pain relief for palliative care and they should be available to everyone when needed.”

Louise Nicholls, Lee Nicholls and Sam Carter have joined forces to form the NGNPUK (No Gain No Pain UK) Team. They have committed to undertaking a series of activities geared around raising money for more syringe drivers and also getting fit at the same time.

The first challenge is the ‘50-mile Marholm Sportive Cycle Ride’ on 17 May 2015.

Pledge Your Support

If you would like to help the NGNPUK Team raise the money they need, please donate whatever amount you can, no matter how small, by clicking here.

“We want to stop this happening to others. When you are in need, you just shouldn’t have to wait.”

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