Hypotec™ IV Bag Safety Connector with 18G Filter Needle (Box of 50)

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Hypotec™ with 18G Filter Needle allows for safe connections when adding medication to IV bags removing the risk of needle stick injury.  The 18G Filter Needle allows you to draw up medication from vials and ampoules.

It is designed for use in anaesthesia, drug preparation areas and in compounding units in hospital pharmacies.

Key Features

  • Hypotec™ is fully compliant with the EC Directive Health & Safety (Sharp Instruments) 2013
  • A unique patented design provides a 'passive safety system' requiring no activation to become safe
  • Prevents accidental puncturing of the IV bag or the 'tail' of the bag
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Main Features – Hypotec

  • Compatible with all sizes of luer slip and luer lock syringes
  • Unique moulding prevents needle stick injuries and directs the needle tip to the centre of the port septum
  • Easy puncturing of the septum ensures the septum seals when the needle is withdrawn
  • The protected 18G needle provides a good flow rate even with viscous medications
  • The needle bevel/tip has been designed to stop 'coring' of the port septum
  • Hypotec™ is pink in line with colour coding for 18G needles

Main Features – 18G Filter Needle

  • The 18G Filter Needle is supplied in a specially designed two part pouch, allowing the filter needle to be removed whilst retaining the Hypotec™ in the sealed pouch until it is required
  • The 18G Filter Needle is supplied with a red needle shield to alert users that the needle is blunt tipped
  • The blunt tip is designed to prevent needle stick injuries
  • The 18G needle hub incorporates a 5 micron filter eliminating the potential for particulate contamination being drawn up through the needle

Technical Specification

Hypotec™ Moulding: PP (Polypropylene)
Needle: Stainless Steel SU304
Needle Hub: PP (Polypropylene)
Bonding Needle to Hub: Epoxy
18G Filter Needle
Needle: Stainless Steel SU304
Needle Hub: PP (Polypropylene)
Bonding Needle to Hub: Epoxy
Filter: 5 micron Versapor
Needle Shield: PP (Polypropylene)
Each Hypotec™ with 18G Filter Needle is provided sterile (Ethylene Oxide) within a specially designed two part pouch
50 Unit Dispense Carton
Shipper Carton Quantity 2000 (40 Dispenser Cartons of 50 Units)


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