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Device user clinical eLearning is a high quality, cost effective way to meet the training needs of qualified healthcare professionals. It can lessen the demand and impact of clinical staff being absent from clinical areas and patient care to attend training.

CME Medical’s eLearning programme is an interactive session that requires users to demonstrate practical skills by interacting with a virtual T34™ pump. It also tests theory knowledge by requiring users to answer multiple-choice questions. It can be used for initial training, as a learning tool during face-to-face training or for annual refresher / update training.

Our eLearning programme works effectively in conjunction with our device user classroom training.

CME Medical’s clinical eLearning is designed to:

  • support clinical staff in understanding how the device works normally and how to use the device safely
  • comply with national standards for medical device training
  • assist educators in delivering consistent device training and education to their staff
  • reduce the need for face-to-face training time
  • enable educators to have access to necessary reporting, tracking and documentation of online training completion records
  • be used for local needs: as stand-alone training programme, in conjunction with other types of training delivery, for initial training, updates or for re-training.

If you are based outside the UK or Ireland, please contact your local distributor for clinical training on CME Medical products.

We have a range of eLearning pricing options available to healthcare organisations, depending on your needs.

Please use the button below to contact our clinical support team to request to register for clinical eLearning, if you are having trouble logging in, or if you have any questions about our clinical eLearning programme.

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